S7 Derrick
Contestant Profile
Seasons Competed 1
Total Number of Days 12

Survivor Zootopia

Tribe(s) Prey
Placement 13/16
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 12
Derrick is a contestant on Survivor Zootopia.


Age: 18

Hobbies: Reading, writing, singing, and playing Pokemon

Pet Peeves: Racist, homophobic, sexist people. Rudeness.

3 Words To Describe You: Social, calm, and friendly

1 thing not many people know: That I’m very outspoken

3 Things on an Island: Phone, a hot boy, and fresh water.

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Favorite Survivor Season: Cambodia

Survivor Contestant You're Most Like: Ciera Eastin

Why You'll Survive Survivor: I’m a ruthless player! I’ll do what it takes and I’m a loyal person. I’m always friendly and that usually helps with my social.

Favorite Fantasy Location: A tie between Harry Potter’s world and Batman’s world.

Voting History

Survivor Storybook: Zootopia

Derrick's Voting History
Episode Derrick's
Voted Against
1 Prey Tribe Immune
2 Quarantined
3 Prey Tribe Immune
4 Ricky Madison, Ricky;
Connor, Genki, Madison
Voted Off, Day 12