S7 Shinx
Contestant Profile
Seasons Competed 1
Total Number of Days 22

Survivor Zootopia

Tribe(s) Prey
Placement 9/16
Challenge(s) Won 8
Vote(s) Against 10
Day(s) Lasted 22
Shinx is a contestant on Survivor Zootopia.


Age: 15

Hobbies: Coding

Pet Peeves: People

3 Words To Describe You: OCD, Alone, Black

1 thing not many people know: I have some serious anger management issues...

3 Things on an Island: Generator, Router, Laptop/Charger

Favorite Animal: Lion

Favorite Survivor Season: Kaoh Rong

Survivor Contestant You're Most Like: Caleb Reynolds because I'd die out there

Why You'll Survive Survivor: I've got the skill, I gotta pay the bill, and I want the mill.

Favorite Fantasy Location: Pokemon World (Sinnoh)

Voting History

Survivor Storybook: Zootopia

Shinx's Voting History
Episode Shinx's
Voted Against
1 Prey Tribe Immune
2 Duncan Duncan, Jordan
3 Prey Tribe Immune
4 Prey Tribe Immune
5 Prey Tribe Immune
6 Prey Tribe Immune
7 No Tribal Council
Madison Connor, Dylan, Genki,
Jordan, Karen, Liana,
Madison, Seamus
Voted Off, Day 22
Voted for
Sole Survivor